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Legal Environment

Question #1 (5 points):Review the Sources of Contemporary Law in Chapter 1.The five primary sources of contemporary law are (1) constitutional; (2) statutory; (3) common law; (4) court orders; and (5) administrative law.For constitutional law, what are the three basic purposes of the U.S. Constitution?For statutory law, summarize the process by which statutes become law.For common law, how is it made? What legal doctrine is the foundation of this source of law?For court orders, explain what they are and give an example.For administrative law, what is the role and what do they have the power to create? Give anexample of a federal agencyand what it does (this part you will need to do a quick internet search for)?Question #2 (5 points):Review the section on the powers granted to the three branches of the U.S. federal government in Chapter 4..(1) Identify each branch of the federal government. Match each of the following roles with the correct branch – (a) passing laws; (b) executing laws; (c) adjudicating and enforcing laws.(2) Which specific articles in the U.S. Constitution gives each branch its powers? Pair each branch with its authorizing article.(3) Identify and explain two specific powers for each branch. Be specific and do not repeat the primary roles discussed in (1). For the branch in 1(a), what kind of laws can they pass? For the branch in 1(b), what are two responsibilities that it has that the other two branches do not? For the branch in 1(c), what are two ways it adjudicates and enforces laws?Question #3 (5 points):Review the section on GATT and the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Chapter 3.The WTO is the major treaty impacting international trade. Almost all nations belong to it.(1) Identify and explain the three principles that  WTO was founded on. Why do these principles help trade relations between nations?(2) Identify and explain the three techniques (discussed in the text) that nations use to protect their domestic industries?(3) Identify and explain the powers of the WTO in settling trade disputes.