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Licensure Statutes

Chooseoneof the following licensure statutes in Texas:Texas Hospital Licensing LawTexas Medical Practice ActTexas Nursing Practice ActWhat is the mission of the department/agency?Identify the department or agency authorized to implement licensure and other responsibilities under the statute.How is the licensee or profession defined?What is the composition of the department/agency, membership requirements, and tenure, if applicable.What are the powers and duties of the department/agency?What are the key requirements for licensure?What are the department’s/agency’s responsibilities regarding complaint investigation and disposition?What disciplinary authority does the department/agency have?How does the role of the department/agency further the quality of healthcare in the State of Texas?Your written discussion is limited to 500 words or less.Provide a final Word Count with your submission.This writing assignment is due by 6/20/20, 11:59pm.The grading rubric for this assignment is as follows:20% for actual writing and presentation (sentence structure, proper grammar, spelling and editing)30% for accurately stating the law, including any case support from the reading50% for the analysis supporting your decision