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Literature Review

Literature Review

This assignment consists of writing a literature review for a research project.

Write a proposal for the development of a literature review concerning your research question. Your summary must contain (max.800 words):

· Summary:You must write a summary including the following elements related to your research topic.   (60%)

§  Concepts(2 or 3 concepts related to your research topic)

§  Theories / Models(1 or 2 theories or models related to your research topic)

· Trends(current trends or practices related to your research topic)

· Context presentation:Write a short paragraph about the context of your research and its potential relevance.



· Related bibliography list:You must include the list of bibliographical sources used to write the summary. It must be done in Harvard style (a minimum of 10 sources must be included).     (20%)

Dissertation Proposal Form


This form must be approved for a candidate to register for the dissertation. It is the student’s responsibility to find a Faculty Promoter with whom to complete this form. It is also incumbent upon the student to make sure that all academic and administrative criteria have been met. The form must be completed, signed by the respective parties, and submitted to the Dissertation Coordinator for approval. Please type on this form. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.


Section A: Student details





Program (DBA; MBA, BBA):


Section B: Proposal

Type below each topic


I. Proposed Dissertation Title: The title (tentative) should be precise to allow the reader to comprehend the subject matter of the work.

PLACE HERE: Research Methods 1 Midterm Assignment

I. Research Area / Fields / Subfields

II. Research Question or Hypothesis: State clearly what your research interest is. Define your research question/hypothesis and the main objectives of your research (100 words).

PLACE HERE: Research Methods 1 Midterm Assignment

II. Research Aim

III. Review of Literature/Background: Make a synthesis of the contributions made in your research field by accredited scholars. Describe how your intended research will complement and expand on the current literature, and what contributions you intend to make to the existing knowledge (500 words).

PLACE HERE: Research Methods 2 Midterm Assignment

· Summary:

· Concepts (2 or 3 concepts related to your research topic)

· Theories / Models (1 or 2 theories or models)

· Trends (current trends or practices related to your research topic)

· Context presentation


IV. Research Methodology: Clearly indicate the methods and techniques which you are planning to use to gather information and investigate the identified problem.

V. Selected Bibliography: Please indicate a representative list of the main bibliographical sources you intend to utilize for your dissertation (no more than 20). Please provide full citations.

PLACE HERE: Research Methods 2 Midterm Assignment

· Bibliography list (a minimum of 10 sources must be included).

VI. Research and Writing Timeline: Indicate your expected research timetable: starting date, research time, data analysis time, writing time, editing time, date of first draft submission, expected defense time. You may use a Gantt chart.

VII. Ethics: How does your research relate to the ethical aspects of your subject matter?


Section C: Submission Registration




Proposed Dissertation Defense Cohort (Choose One)

☐ January 2022 ☐ May 2022 ☐ June 2022 ☐September 2022

☐ January 2023 ☐ May 2023 ☐ June 2023 ☐September 2023


Note: Dissertation Defense must be completed within the three main cohorts, following coursework completion, for which registration is open. (May and June count as a single Cohort for this purpose). Example: students completing in June or July 2021 may register to defend in January 2022 and must defend by September 2022.





Student Signature Date



Role Name Signature Date


Dissertation Coordinator      
Academic Department      


Section D: Approval

The grade for the entire dissertation project is a composite grade allocated by the defense panel and takes three areas into consideration:

· Form (20%): the structural organization of the Dissertation document (grammar and vocabulary; writing and reporting; technology; style)

· Content (60%): the academic accuracy and value of the project (executive summary; research question & objectives; background; main body; conclusions)

· Defense (20%): the manner and methods used.