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location of production/manufacturing

Students will determine the location of production, the packing required, how distribution will take place, and the retail price of the garment. Students will also re-evaluate the garment collection and ensure that it has been properly merchandised and is marketable. Students will describe each step of production and evaluate its impact on the environment.

Production: Think about the location of production/manufacturing. If produced domestically, indicate where and why. If garments are produced off-shore, indicate where and why. Remember, you are producing an eco-friendly, sustainable product, so make sure your choice is the best when it comes to sustainability.

Packing requirements: Think about sustainable packing requirements. (Example: Will you use hangers in packaging?). Source for all items that will be necessary for packing and shipping.

Delivery: Be sure to indicate by what date production has to be completed and how and when delivery of goods will take place. How will the products be shipped?

Order total: 4,000 pieces (break this down per sizing—will you want more of larger sizes than smaller sizes, or vice versa? Remember to keep your target market profile in mind).

Retail price of each unit: Be sure to keep in mind the costs of the garments (wholesale costs) and what the profit margin will be (retail prices).

Garnment: Women’s Apparel