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Luxury Brand Development Issues

1. To whom (i.e., what market segment) was the brand targeted?

(Rui targets the young generation with any different body types, she wants to make unisex fashion without emphasizing gender. Versace targets the upper-middle class)

2. Who actually used the brand/products?

(Rui Zhou’s clients are the contemporary independent women with strong personalities and confidence, mainly market is the Gen Z. Versace’s users are mainly 25-44-year-old women, upper-middle-class, they are noble and seductive, they want to be sexy but inviolable.)

3. What was the primary competition?

(Rui’s competitors are mainly the young designer brands, their designs are all face to the younger generation,, includes those brands in this link who were competing with Rui for the LVMH prize. Versace’s competitors are those traditional luxury brands who have sexy clothes designs as well like Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli, D&G.)

4. How were the brands marketed and extended (communication, stores, new products/segments)

(Rui currently cooperates with many famous luxury collection stores like Ssense and Commonplace, also they have their own website. Since its launch in 2019, the brand has shown thrice at NYFW and gained significant attention from the industry and on social media. The brand now has studios based in both New York and Shanghai, shipping to customers worldwide. Versace As of March 27, 2021, Capri Holdings operated 153 Versace retail stores worldwide. For other marketed and extended you should do research by yourself)

5. How successful was the marketing campaign – why?

(, do research by yourself)