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Management Theory

Management Theory

1-)Accounting Proc for Managers

The questions are provided so that you may prepare to submit your original when the forum opens on day three.

The purpose of the discussion questions (DQs) is to allow you as the Learner to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter’s key learning points and how you might apply them in given situation. Participating in the discussion question forum provides you as the Learner an opportunity to compare your ideas to ideas from others in your class.

Instructions: Using this week’s key learning points, provide your response to the questions below;

1. Insider trading addresses the breach of fiduciary trust on investor confidence and the securities market. Although there  are penalties, individuals still engage in the breach.

Why do you believe individuals are willing to take the risk? And is it worth it?

2. Martha Stewart served prison time for involvement in insider trading what do you understand about the issue and the decision in her serving time?

2-)Management Theory

After Review of the Seventh Imperative:

1) What project will you Start

2) What would you change to innovate?

3) What transformational change will you see as an outcome?

Seth wrote in his “Poke the Box” The Seventh Imperative:” The first imperative is to be aware–aware of the market, of opportunities, of who you are.* The second imperative is to be educated, so you can understand what’s around you.*The third imperative is to be connected, so you can be trusted as you engage.* The fourth imperative is to be consistent, so the system knows what to expect.* The fifth imperative is to build an asset, so you have something to sell.*The sixth imperative is to be productive, so you can be well priced.—-The seventh imperative is frightening and thus easy to overlook or ignore. The seventh imperative is to have the guts and the heart and the passion to ship. “Get into the habit of starting.  from Poke the Box, Pg 4 Seth Godin, 2011 available at Poke the box | 9782354560362, 9782354560362 | VitalSourceThe imperative is to start, get things done. Make it a way of life that in the end is transforming.

The discussion board is a significant component of your grade.  The discussion board is used to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned in the text and to reflect on and discuss the material with your classmates.  Please make sure you tie the concepts learned each week and throughout the course to support your discussion board posts. The weekly recaps, found on the announcement tab, will be posted at the end of each week.  Within the recaps, you will find examples of strong discussion board posts where students did an excellent job answering the questions and supporting their views.  Please use these examples to gauge how your posts can be improved each week.

To be clear, your primary post analysis must be thoughtful, well-reasoned and detailed.