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memo, in proper format and no longer

Please if you don’t SPECIALISE IN FINANCE do NOT try to give it a try pleeeease.

( Draft recommendations Memo  2 pages) – Question 3


Draft a memo, in proper format and no longer than 2-pages single-spaced, to Dr. Carl providing your recommendations for his future and the future of the Practice. Discuss major findings and any changes in assumptions that would increase or decrease the doubt about the Practice’s ability to continue. Discuss any ethical and/or social responsibility issues that arise from your recommendation and how Dr. Carl, current and future patients, and employees would be affected.

(Reflection 2 pages) –  Question 4

Prepare a minimum 2-page single-spaced reflection that discusses how the case helped in your understanding of the reimbursement challenges physicians face and the complexity of the healthcare industry, increased your ability to prepare a forecasted financial statement and analyze the financial position of an organization, and aided in your understanding that you need to consider both monetary and nonmonetary concepts, andc Be specific as to the knowledge gained. You should also discuss any other issues, concerns, strengths/weaknesses, learning outcomes you feel important. Be blunt.  v