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September 15, 2020
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September 15, 2020

MGMT 200 Management Questions

Chapter 1 (Read Chapter 1 before you start answering)

1. Thinking about a manager that you may have worked for (any type of job: full time, summer,part-time, volunteer, etc.):

a) Briefly describe the manager and his or her duties. What letter grade (A-F) would you give to him or her on overall managerial performance? Explain why you chose that grade?

b) What made him or her most effective in your opinion. What made him or her the least effective?

c) Thinking of the three manager levels(ON THE NOTE),what level of manager do you think he or she was? What duties did he or she have that indicate the level of manager that they were?

d) Describe his or her performance in two or more of the four management functions (Remember the functions are: POLC)

e) What were his or her best skills and which were the weakest (skills mean: conceptual, human relations, technical or political)? Why?

f) In your opinion, how could this manager have done better?

Chapter 4(Read Chapter 4 before you start answering)

2. Do you think it is easier or harder to manage a large company today versus 30 years ago? Why? Choose any well known company as an example and make your case. Make sure you name the company in your response.

3. In the company you’ve chosen in question 1: What business “environmental” factors and forces have changed that affect how managers have do things today versus a generation ago? Be specific about the factors and the actions you think senior level managers within that company have had to take to keep current with the changes and to keep their companies successful?

***Remember that “environmental” here refers not to the actual environment of the planet earth (air, water, etc.) but to the factors and forces that affect the business from a managerial perspective.

***Note: you will receive the book and note may help and this will be the reference***


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