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Mission and Vision for Phoenix Hospital

HCS/498 v2

Strategic Plan Template

HCS/498 v2

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Strategic Plan Template

This course will feature a cumulative assignment starting in Week 1 and concluding in Week 5. You will complete this assignment each week using the Strategic Plan Template provided. This document will be used in conjunction with the Phoenix Hospital 5-Year Strategic Plan Scenario. It is important that you read the scenario in its entirety prior to completing the Week 1 assignment. Make sure to refer back the scenario each week as instructed for these cumulative assignments. You will record all responses to the appropriate assignments in this document. Your faculty member will also provide feedback directly through this document. This document will break down the basic steps used in strategic planning to make a strategic decision in health care. While this scenario is specifically geared toward a hospital setting, the knowledge and skills you will possess at the end of this course can be applied to any health care facility (e.g., physician’s office, long-term care, etc.).


Week 1: Mission and Vision for Phoenix Hospital

In this first assignment, you will create a mission and vision statement for Phoenix Hospital. It is important to read the Phoenix Hospital 5-Year Strategic Plan Scenario prior to completing this assignment. It is also recommended that you complete the other Week 1 assignment, “Importance of Mission and Vision Statements,” first because it provides foundational knowledge necessary for completing this assignment.

Create a mission and vision statement for Phoenix Hospital. Remember that your mission and vision statements should be a strong representation of the following:

· Organization

· Organization’s goals

· Stakeholders that the organization impacts

· Values of the organization


The mission for Phoenix Hospital

Vision for Phoenix Hospital
We endeavor to create a safe environment by focusing on precautions, safety, and the well-being of our patients through integrated clinical practice, education, and research. Our vision is to be the unrivaled leader in improving health care quality and lowering costs for patients in the communities we serve.


The statement of mission, vision, and values ​​allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to determine what they want to achieve and provide the right level of care for their patients. Mission and vision statements serve different purposes, but they are used interchangeably. The mission statement defines the purpose of today’s enterprise. It begins with phrases such as “we are,” “we serve,” and “our purpose is …”. Most business vision statements, including those related to health care, are indescribably verbose while reading. However, the vision statement should be short, like just a sentence. Making the statement, as mentioned earlier, may appear to be a difficult effort but at the same time it’s very important for the organization. On the other hand, these statements assist the organization is concentrating on the most vital components of the organization or business. When done correctly, it can save money and time while enhancing its chances of success.

When it comes to these declarations, the company’s articles can be altered as the organization’s or business’s demands change, and it is essential to remember that they are living documents. According to Woodside (2018), these utterances are frequently viewed as “symbolic artifacts” that must be preserved. However, it will be perceived as a wastage of time if one cannot consider the importance of these statements. The issue may be that the organization will have no clear direction on what it wants to achieve. From an organizational standpoint, the issue is that they are not focused on what they want to do and how they will accomplish it. The steps or words that follow will assist in giving clear direction to the organization. On the other hand, strategy refers to one or more approaches to accomplishing a vision statement through a mission statement. There may be just one vision and mission statement, but there may be several tactics.