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National Institute of Health and Mental


A local shelter that receives funding from the National Institute of Health and Mental Health is upgrading its website. Along with several upgrades to the website, the web developer/consultant makes a suggestion that the shelter adds a testimonial page where local citizens can describe their positive interactions with the shelter and its services.

Since the web developer/consultant wants to get that page up and running first, the developer suggests using some positive ratings and responses from Angie’s List® and other similar dating sites that already have positive stories and experiences with the shelter.

The director of the shelter loves the idea of a testimonial page. She thinks it would really add to the community feel of the shelter. However, knowing her funding source, she researches the APA Ethics Code and believes the shelter would be acting inappropriately. To discuss the matter in further detail, the director of the shelter calls you for an ethics consult.

-Describe and explain the ethical issues involved in this situation. (Use this site to help identify standards (e.g. standard 5.05, etc ) that can make this an ethical issue: )

-Discuss any other concerns about the web developer/consultant’s strategies.

-Explain some recommendations that you would make to the shelter.

Use at least TWO scholarly sources to support your claims. Cite APA properly and ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!