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Operational aspects of consumer goods

· Company Introduction – Patrick

Hanesbrands, Inc. operates as a consumer goods company that has multiple operational aspects including the design, manufacturing, sourcing, and sale of everyday basic inner & activewear apparel. Hanes inc. is an international brand that operates in North, South & Central America, Europe, Asia & Australia. It actively engages in the three business segments.

Innerwear, Activewear, and its international lines. The Innerwear segment consists of everyday basic apparel products such as men’s & children’s underwear, women’s panties & undergarments as well as socks & lingerie sold in the United States.

The Activewear segment consists of products such as T-shirts, sport shirts & shorts, thermals, and other sportswear sold in the US. The International segment consists of both innerwear, activewear, and home goods products sold outside of the US. Its brands include Hanes, Bonds, Champion, DIM, Bali, Lovable, Playtex, Maidenform, Bras N Things, Nur Die/Nur Der, Alternative, L’eggs, Just My Size, Wonderbra, Berlei, and Gear for Sports.

· Sector description

As stated before, Hanesbrands operates as a Consumer Goods company. This Business sector consists of companies whose products are purchased by individuals or households rather than manufacturers or large-scale industries. Products made & sold by consumer goods companies are intended for the direct use of the buyer for personal benefit rather than secondary use.

While Hanesbrands operates as a Clothing & Household goods company, the consumer goods sector also consists of companies involved with food production, electronics, beverages, automobiles & packaged goods.