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Opportunity Analysis-identification


Opportunity Analysis



Opportunity identification – Combine your own personal experiences and creativity with a combination of research and fieldwork to collate some potential entrepreneurial opportunities.


After considering the various ideas identified by you, you should pick the most promising opportunity and perform an initial analysis to understand whether your opportunity can be turned into a scalable business.


Proposed Venture: Laptop doubles as printer (two in one laptop)


In your presentation submitted for this assignment, you will tell us the “story” of your proposed venture by addressing the following:


1. Business model. Consider how you can monetize the opportunity. Complete a first cut of a business model canvas based on your idea and possible revenue stream.



The presentation should summarize the key ideas from your business model as described above.


Presentation grading criteria:


Overall Presentation 40 points
Did you cover all the required conceptual information cohesively? 25 points
Did the presentation flow logically and within the time limit? 5 points
Did you manage the discussion thread and respond competently to posted questions pertaining to their topic? 10 points