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Organizational Analysis

Throughout this course, we will explore ways to improve the organizations in which you can work. The ways we can improve organizations is through management and leadership, and therefore, it is necessary to examine the complexity of many of the issues managers and leaders face. This is particularly critical in understanding issues of strategic management, organizational culture, organizational change and development, and managing organizational growth. These topics are inherently complex and interdisciplinary and require knowledge of many fields. For your final project, you will select an organization and create a PowerPoint analyzing its strategic positioning. The final project will be submitted in three phases. Part I, due in Unit 2, will provide an overview of the organization. Part II, due in Unit 4, will conduct a SWOT Analysis. Part III, due in Unit 7, requires further analysis and will be the completed PowerPoint. Part I and Part II will be incorporated into the Part III PowerPoint.

In Part I, you will choose your organization and provide an overview.


  • Provide an overview of the organization. Include a brief history. o When was the organization established?
    o What major products or services does it offer?
    o What industry does the organization compete in?
    o Who are the major competitors?
  • What are the mission and vision statements of the organization? If they don’t
    exist, create them for the organization.
  • Describe the organization’s culture.
  • Describe one of the following areas of the organization:
    o Diversity
    o Corporate Social Responsibility o Ethics
  • Maximum of 4 slides length, excluding the Title and Reference pages.
  • APA format, including in-text citations for referenced works.