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Pandemic Control Research

Pandemic Control Research

You are employed with Major University that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. You also have courses in Business and Liberal Arts. You have 40,000 students on your main campus. There are an additional 5,000 students equally distributed between your two international campus locations in the United Kingdom and the other campus located in Brazil. Nearly 90% of your courses are offered as face to face courses and nearly 15,000 employees in three states and two international campuses support the university.

In 2020, COVID-19 threatened public health across the globe, forcing many organizations to find alternative ways of doing business. The President of your University has assigned you the responsibility of researching and presenting alternative ways to continue the university’s operations without jeopardizing employees and students. You are to research and design a comprehensive remote work strategy as well as a plan to return students and employees to work safely when the threat of the pandemic has lessened, and public health officials determine it is safe to return to work.

In this assignment, design a comprehensive research proposal to outline how you will approach this research problem. Be sure to include all required components in the research plan. The succeeding unit assignments will build on this assignment toward your final research project.