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Political risk

Political risk

The company, engaged in international business, is exposed to political as well as legal risk. Political risk is that political parties that are in power may introduce and implement radical and drastic changes towards business and economic policy

need to pick an American company and expand it into a new country. 

The company should not have a current presence in the new country.

minimum of 17 page paper (ONLY THE BODY OF THE PAPER, it does not include; cover page, and reference page) must be typed with a 1” margin on all sides, 5-space indentation, font 12 Times Roman, double-spaced. It must comply with APA rules. it must  be accompanied with a 5 slide PowerPoint slide.

The paper will include a cover page, a 200 word abstract page, introduction, the body of the paper, conclusions, and references on a reference page. The paper should include at least eight academic references.