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position of Economic Advisor

 question 1

You just agreed to take the position of Economic Advisor for InoSmart

Inc. The General Manager of the company asked you to describe the nature of salaries paid by the company to its employees last year. The Chief Accountant of the company delivers to you the aggregate monthly salaries data as follows:  Months Aggregate Salaries  Month  Aggregate Salaries  January  743430  February  705320  March  67950  April  780240  May  801970  June  69440  July  816550  August  734380  September  791110  October  753370  November  717640  December  805500   • Summarize the data and provide statistical conclusion based on your statistical output. (Show your statistical procedures that led you to the conclusion.) • Provide your results to the General Manager (in one or two sentences).

question 2

Stock OptionsAs a financial advisor, you are assigned a new client who is considering investing in one of twostocks, A or B.The table below shows information about the performance of stocks A and B last year.ReturnStandardDeviationStock A15 %8.3%Stock B14%2.1%1.As a financial advisor, are there factors other than return and risk that should be considered inmaking this decision? the type of stock, the price of thestock, and past performance of the stock.2.Based on these factors, what stock would you recommend to the client?.3.What reasons will you convey to your client to justify your decision in recommending thisstock?