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potential future problems thesis

Due next Wednesday; February 2, EST


The paper topic centers on unnecessary bodily organs or tissue and the decision-making process that results in the methods chosen to manage the real or potential problems that may surface:


· Since they are not necessary (provide no gain) and can only cause potential future problems (risk), should certain unnecessary organs or tissue (e.g., appendix, tonsils, etc.) be removed as a matter of normal practice, maybe even at birth; maybe even later in life?


· Should the risk associated with these organs be managed or even eliminated?


· Is risk (or even your personal risk) the only issue to be considered?


· What would be the assessment process, evaluation criteria, etc., that you would use in making this decision?


· Would the decision vary based on certain conditions (age, sex, culture, climate, or anything else you can think of)?


· How would you validate the results of these decisions?


· Are there unique or specific circumstances that could influence a unique or specific decision?


· Are there risk and reward issues that go beyond the individual but impact society as a whole?


· Are there other issues to consider?


For next week’s class (week 2) please write a 1 – 2 page paper (500 – 1000 words) explaining how you would approach this decision through the risk management viewpoint of Avoid, Reduce, Transfer, and Accept.


Identify some examples from the real world that support your assessment (Examples could be wisdom teeth, gall bladder, etc. but please also use your own ideas).


This is an individual effort (i.e., this is not meant to be a collaborative paper).