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Poverty And Inequality Thesis

Poverty And Inequality Thesis

  I have done some of the assignments already. Just need help to finish the assignment. I already included the graphs in order. This assignment is singled-spaced.


1. Introduction: How does Inequality Influence your Spirit Level variable. Remember to include the transmission mechanism. What does Spirit Level Book say? What does other research show? (2 pages, single-spaced).

2. Measuring Inequality: How does the selection of Inequality influence the connection (graphs 1 and 2). (2 pages, single-spaced, including graphs).

3. Measuring the Spirit Level Variable: How does the selection of Spirit Level Variable influence the connection (Graphs 3 and 4) and compare with Graphs 1 and 2. (2 pages, single-spaced, including graphs.

4. Inequality or Poverty: Is it inequality or Poverty (Graphs 5-8) (2 pages, including graphs).

5. Conclusion (1-2 pages)