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Process Improvement Executive Thesis

Running Header: PC-5 Instructions & Checklist

Process Change (PC) Project

PC-5: Process Improvement Executive Brief


Due: 11/28/21, 11:59pm

Individual Assignment


Overview: Advisorpedia


You are part of the Advising Process Improvement Team, which has completed its analysis of the process and identified multiple areas for improvement. You are responsible for implementing “Advisorpedia” – a Self-Help e-advisor modeled after Wikipedia. This will be a system “for students, by students” where students (and related others) can contribute knowledge relevant to the advising process.


Advisorpedia has 7 knowledge areas as described in the table below.



Who Directory · Listing of advisors, department contacts, and Advisorpedia volunteers

· Contact info, specialty, availability

· Link to their calendar/booking system

Academic Plans · Examples of academic plans for different combinations of majors and minors

· Templates for standard majors & minors

How to’s · Official description of advising processes

· Access to required forms

· Form Tracker template (showing steps your form takes to get approved)

How I Did It’s · Informal “process” descriptions for how individual students accomplished specific advising goals

· Especially helpful when not in CCB

Triage/Escalation · How to tell if you are a special case vs. can use a standard process

· How to escalate your case when necessary

FAQs · Answers to common whats, whys, and other non-How To questions
Change Alerts · Breaking news about new/proposed changes that may impact the advising process



The purpose of Advisorpedia is to collect and share reliable information about the advising process. Its goals are to (1) increase the ability of advisors to handle larger caseloads by reducing the time needed to address simple/routine advising needs, (2) decrease time and frustration for students seeking information on the advising process.


To gain support for your project, you need to prepare an Executive Brief – a short (3 page) document that describes Advisorpedia, presents the rationale for implementing it, and gives examples of the type of content you expect users to contribute.