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Psychotherapy Resources

Class Assignment #7 – Psychotherapy Resources

Student’s Name _________________________________


You have a friend who has a serious adjustment problem. It has reached the point where he/she can no longer do his or her work, is having serious problems with his or her family, is generally miserable and very anxious. Thoughts of suicide recur, and he/she has started to drink heavily. He/she knows you are studying psychology and asks you for some assistance in finding professional help. The friend indicates that he/she has some money, but is on a limited budget.

Your task is to research the area (extend your search to include the whole county) to find all the possible resources that might help your friend.

On separate sheets, consider the following questions:

(1) On a scale from 0 – 10 (where 1 is indicative of Extreme Discomfort, 5 indicates that you are not uncomfortable but not comfortable either and 10 indicates that you are Very Comfortable) with assisting your friend to find assistance.

0 5 10

Extreme Discomfort Not Comfortable but Very Comfortable

Not Uncomfortable

Explain your response.

(2) On a scale from 0 – 10 (where 1 is indicative of Not At All, 5 indicates that you are Somewhat Inclined but Still Hesitant, and 10 indicates that you are Very Likely) how likely are you to seek out services/resources for your friend.

0 5 10

Not Likely At All Not Likely but Not Very Likely

Unlikely Either

Explain your response.

(3) Assuming that you found some resources, what were they? List the resources you found below. Note how you found out about each and how you checked it out.

Name of Resource Found:

Location of Resource:

How I found out about this resource:

How I checked this resource out:

(4) Briefly discuss the kinds of services your friend could expect to receive from each of the resources, who is eligible for the services, what the fees might be, and how one is expected to pay for services. (This will require a personal visit, a phone call, or at least reading some literature provided by the office or agency.)

Brief description of the kinds of resources/services found:

Who is eligible to receive services at each resource?:

The cost of services?:

How services can be paid:

(5) What do you think of the possibilities of your friend getting the kind of help he/she needs, based on what is available in your area? Explain your answer.

(6) What else might you do to assist your friend? Explain. (Let’s assume that without some assistance, your friend’s condition is not likely to improve?)