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September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020

Read a paper and write a critique.

Imagine you are a Chief Technical Officer of a large e-commerce company and Intel recently introduced their Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Instructions in their Xeon processor. Should you propose to spend millions of dollars to upgrade?

Read the Intel’s white paper:…

and write a critique based on these guidelines:

  • Write 64 – 128 words (7 – 14 sentences)
  • Write ideas/comments – not complete essays.
  • Write your own thoughts. Do not simply summarize the paper.
  • Identify open issues and limitations of the paper (think of yourself as a reviewer or a researcher on the same subject).

Sample Questions

  • How does the work relate to the other topics previously covered in class?
  • Any ways to improve the work?
  • Is the solution practical?
  • Are the assumptions reasonable and realistic?
  • Do the results support the claims?
  • Any technical errors and limitations?
  • Any problems with the experimentation?

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