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Reflective Essay Thesis


Final Reflective Essay

For your final reflective essay, describe the revision process of your writing during the semester,

using your first and final drafts from all 3 essays as a reference.

Your reflective essay is a critical assessment of your progress this semester, in which you look

back on all your essay drafts and point out specific areas where you see improvement. Quote

your own work as necessary.

Show me specific instances of where your writing has improved,

and point out areas where you think you still need work. Indicate the progress you made from

Draft 1 to your Final Draft, for each of your essays. Tell me which essay was easiest for you, and

which one was most difficult, then tell me why. What challenges did you face along the way?

Which of the essays was your favorite to work on, and why?

Word length: 700-800 words

You will hand-deliver a physical copy of your Final Reflective Essay to your instructor by

the end of our scheduled Final Exam Date/Time: Monday, December 13th at 2:00 pm.