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Research Paper on business ethics.

BUSI 472

Research Paper Assignment Instructions



You will write a Research Paper on a topic relating to business ethics. You will research what is being said in the academic literature about the issue and what the secular worldview suggests is relevant in the contemporary business environment. You will then research the Bible for information related to the topic and identify what a Christian or follower of God should consider importantly related to the topic under consideration. Compare and contrast what agrees between Scripture and secular thoughts and what may differ between the two.

Your Research Paper Assignment must be 8–10 pages and double spaced, not including the title page, abstract, and references pages. You must include 8–10 scholarly references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. You must use your textbooks as sources; other acceptable sources journal articles from peer-reviewed journals, theoretical texts, and the Bible. Citations must be in current APA format. As this is a Research Paper, it must be written in third person.



· The Research Paper Assignment is comprised of 3 parts: (1) the topic selection including research question/problem, rationale for selecting the topic, and thesis statement; (2) the annotated bibliography listing the proposed sources you will cite in your Research Paper Assignment, and (3) the final submission of the Research Paper Assignment.

· You will choose a topic and write a rationale for that topic. (Ethical Leadership)

· You will also create an Annotated Bibliography noting the 8-10 sources you intend to cite in the Research Paper. The Annotated Bibliography must be in current APA format and include a 100-word description of each source as it will appear in the Research Paper and its contribution to the paper must be included.

· All material should be presented in APA format, including but not limited to the title page, and references page.

· Sources should be cited where appropriate and it is encouraged to write in your own words (paraphrase) as much as possible.

· Avoid lengthy block quotes.