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Research & Source Review Thesis


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Research & Source Review Rubric (10 points)

COMPANY NAME: ________________________________________________________ MEMBERS: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

FORMATS (3 Points)

• Each Source follows MLA standards for Works Cited Entries • All Information for each source is complete

_______________ POINTS

RELEVANCE, VARIETY & VALUE OF SOURCES (3 Points) • Sources contain quotes and material that directly support the thesis and goal of

the project. • Sources are provided by established, expert, reliable individuals or publications

and contain valuable, verified evidence or opinions • Sources are culled from and represent a range in types of material, including

factual, interpretive, comparative, responsive, quantitative, analytical, qualitative and/or expert opinion

_______________ POINTS

ANALYSIS (4 Points) • Each entry offers 5-10 sentences explaining why the source is valuable for the

section of the report. • Identifies what information will be used and how the source is qualitative,

quantitative or responsive. • Confirms the source is reputable, reliable and current. • Explains how content will be used in connection to the thesis and purpose of the


_______________ POINTS

_______________ TOTAL POINTS


  • Research & Source Review Rubric
    • FORMATS (3 Points)
    • ANALYSIS (4 Points)