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Review of Legal Cases

Answer the cases using the following formate. No Plagiarism. DUE SATURDAY 7am Mountain Time.1) Briefly summarize the facts of the case – restating the facts in a clear and concise manner2) Identify the major issue(s) that flow from the facts (Legal issue). Sometimes this process indicates the various avenues of litigation open to the plaintiff. For instance, the issues identified can suggest that both Negligence and Strict Liability may be pursued.3) Identify the elements of each issue (Determine the relevant elements of each issue. For instance Negligence has:  Existence of Duty of care, Breach of that Duty, Proof of Injury and Causation or Proximate Cause).4) Discuss the elements of each issue as they apply to the case or apply the description to the facts.5) Apply the relevant law6) Cite a supporting case