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security manager

For this assignment, you are the information security manager for the city of Rockwell. The city just elected a new mayor. He does not have a keen understanding of separation as it relates to protecting national infrastructure. It is your responsibility to brief the mayor on separation and how it can be used to protect national infrastructure. Please provide information on the following to the mayor from an academic perspective as it relates to the information outlined in the requirements below.

What is separation?

What objectives does separation accomplish?

Please list and explain how you would use the three new firewall approaches to achieve optimal separation in the protection of large-scale national assets?

What is asset separation?

List and describe how you would use the asset separation techniques to reduce the risk of an isolated compromise?

What would you consider the best strategy in protecting the Critical National Infrastructure, explain?

What is functional separation?

How does SCADA Separation Architecture operate as it relates to its general structure? 

Assignment Requirements

Please ensure that each question of this assignment has a subtitle (Centered Bold). For each question, you should write a minimum of two paragraphs. Each paragraph should have at least four (4) complete sentences and a different intext-citation supporting that section of your paper. Your SafeAssign score should not surpass 30%. Please read and follow all the writing requirements listed in the course syllabus. You must use the IP title page with a running header. Please read and follow the rubric for all assignments. The guidelines of APA will be strictly enforced in every assignment in this course. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a reduction in grade score.