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September 14, 2020
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September 14, 2020

Stakeholder Presentation Final Project

The stakeholder presentation serves as the bridge between analytics and business decision making. The presentation provides you with the framework to integrate the course content through a real life example.

Choose an organization that you are passionate about. Consider how this organization is performing. Are there areas for improvement? Even the most well-run organizationsexperience problems.

Now imagine for a moment that your team has been recently hired as analytic consultants for this organization. Brainstorm and come up with 2-3 ideas that that organization may be facing currently. It is your teams job to investigate why things are happening. For example: Why are sales declining or why do our products sell more during poor weather?

Choose the most appealing idea, and use the template below to answer that question for your organization.

Using the provided template, analyze the problem and present your findings. You are expected to integrate relevant models and concepts from assigned readings in your analysis, along with using logic and insights/skills from previous classes and personal experiences. The presentation should be at least 15 minutes and should not exceed 2 minutes. Your team should use PowerPoint slides to support your presentation.

You should provide sufficient information to capture all the components of the Business Analytics Process. A presentation must include a statement of and background description of the problem; identification of data sources; synopsis of data preparation methodologies used and detailed discussion of the data preparation steps taken; description of and reasoning for the modeling techniques used in analysis; appropriate and detailed visualization of results; explanation of conclusions, recommendations, and predictions drawn from each of the three types of business analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.


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