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Stark Agency Marketing Thesis

Asim Al Hamedi

ENT 332

Marketing Section


Stark Agency Marketing Section


Every venture needs a marketing plan to promote their values to the customers. The purpose of our marketing plan is to reach out to Stark Agency customers and raise awareness of internet marketing (SEO) and web development importance for any start-up venture to increase their sales. This marketing plan is essential to affect my customer’s decision making to purchase Stark marketing products that are affordable compared to other competitors. The customers will be introduced to web development, the importance of e-Stores, sales optimization and how beneficial it is to have strategic web content. From a financial perspective, the purpose of our marketing is to increase our profits in order to grow and capitalize Stark. This will allow us to hire more employees and have our own physical location. We want our costumers to understand SEO marketing as it is and explain to them the different marketing strategies they can use to increase their sales and build an online presence for their venture.


Stark is uniquely positioned to provide values to the customers in many strategic ways. First, the products prices are highly competitive. It is very challenging for business owners and start-up ventures to find an internet company that offers marketing products with a price range of $300-$50. We believe that this competitive price range is lower than what is offered from any start-up venture marketing budget. Especially those ventures with higher venture capital than $20,000. For this reason, Stark is uniquely positioned to provide affordability and production quality value for the customers. Also, our free consultation service to examine the website eligibility for SEO services are uniquely positioned in customer care services. This service targets the costumer ethics that we are not focused on their purchase more than their full awareness of how important our products are for their venture. Our values include providing extensive knowledge to our costumers regarding the benefits of optimizing their sales online and market their business through social media.


As a start-up business, we will target similar start-up businesses and freelance entrepreneurs. We chose to target these customers as the pricing of our products fits perfectly with their marketing budget. Also, the price affordability will help us to build brand loyalty once our products are purchased. We will use test products as free marketing consultation to target our customers and introduce our brand to them. Our main customers are business owners who are not familiar with the use of online business presence. Also, we will target start-up ventures that struggle with their sales and media marketing. We will provide marketing plans for them and consult them with the best methods they can use to improve their sales. Furthermore, one of our targets are the e-store owners who are looking to capitalize on their sales and profits. We will help them in expanding their customer base and creating new business categories through products promotion and social media advertising campaigns that raise awareness about the ventures service/products.


As a marketing agency, we definitely must understand the different marketing tactics and strategies. Our main marketing tool is developing a website that our customers can access to identify our best products and read more details about each service. This website must include all instructions of each product before the customers make a purchase or place an order. Sometimes, websites do not necessarily bring you paying customers but we have chosen to build one as communication port between us and our customers to understand their concerns and interests. Therefore, we believe that our website will resonate with our customers for the content it will provide and the online presence it offers for our marketing agency. Furthermore, we will use our website to promote our new products and services that we offer. We have a solid trust in our website for the detailed content it offers along with the costumers’ reviews about our products and services. The website will be build using WordPress platform which is very affordable for us.