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Strategy of a business entering foreign market

The two major strategic questions a business faces when entering a foreign market are how to enter and whether they should adapt their strategy to the local market.

Consider the case of Domino’s Pizza Global Strategy below. Suppose that Domino’s is planning to enter the Chinese market. Answer the following questions in an essay.

Part 1: Entry Mode

1. Discuss the pros and cons of foreign direct investment, joint ventures, and franchising/licensing as modes of entry Domino’s might use. When discussing the pros and cons, make detailed reference to the following cases which you also read in the text:

Burberry Shifts its Entry Strategy in Japan (Chapter 8) and Burberry’s Social Media Marketing (Chapter 16) to illustrate the pros and cons of the different entry modes under consideration.

2. What entry mode would you recommend for Domino’s and why? Take into consideration the nature of their product and the particular market (China) they are entering.

Part 2: Adaptation to the local market.

1. What are the pros and cons for Domino of adapting its business and marketing strategy to the Chinese market versus sticking with the strategy it uses in the US? When discussing the pros and cons, make detailed reference to the Domino’s case below, the case of IKEA’s Global Strategy (Chapter 12), the case of IKEA Entering India, Finally! (Chapter 13), and the case of The Jollibee Phenomenon (Chapter 13).

2. How should Domino’s adapt its marketing strategy to China? Organize your discussion around the 4Ps of the marketing mix: Product, price, place (distribution), and promotion. Again, take the nature of the product and the particular market (China) into account.

Business writing is concise writing. Limit your complete essay to two single-spaced or four double-spaced pages, using one-inch margins, 12-point font, and  APA style for citations (Links to an external site.).

You must reference all sources other than the textbook and the case below. Your reference page does not count toward the page limit. In addition, if you include a title page and/or abstract, these do not count toward the page limit either