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summary judgment.

summary judgment.

Answer the question of this case in form of two or more paragraphs.

Case:  Jones v. Clinton

Facts:  In 1991, Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.  Paula Jones worked for a state agency, the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission (AIDC).  When Clinton became President, Jones sued him, claiming that he had sexually harassed her.  She alleged that, in May 1991, the Governor arranged for her to meet him in a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas.  When they were alone, he put his hand on her leg and slid it toward her pelvis, and later he lowered his trousers, exposed his penis, and told her to kiss it.  Jones claimed that she was horrified, jumped up, and left.  Jones remained at AIDC until February 1993, when she moved to California because of her husband’s job transfer.  President Clinton denied all of the allegations.  He also filed for summary judgment, claiming that Jones had not alleged facts that justified a trial.  Jones opposed the motion for summary judgment.

Question/ Issue:  Did Jones make out a claim of sexual harassment?