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Talent Management

Talent Management


This week’s reading explores the role of human resource management – today often referred to as ‘talent management’. Executives across the globe were recently polled on the biggest issues facing their organizations. The number one issue mentioned was ‘Talent Management’. Hiring strong talent is a critical success factor.

The pastor of a large local church has called you in as a consultant to help him determine the best organizational structure to use for the church. The church has grown rapidly over the last few years and has added several personnel, but it has no formal organization chart, and lines of authority and responsibility are becoming blurred. The staff consists of the pastor, three assistant pastors, youth minister, director of religious education, two maintenance workers, bulletin editor, director of music, three administrative assistants and bookkeeper. Additionally, the church employs a part-time associate choir director, and a part-time nursery coordinator. Develop an organization chart for the church that addresses division of labor, authority and span of control. Then, in a one-page report, describe your reasoning in developing this organization chart and the reporting relationships.

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