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Target Customer for Social Media Trends


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Target Customer for Social Media Trends

Social media trends have emerged as a prime service for many businesses around the

world. The use of its various forms, including influencers, has emerged as a great marketing

tool for many businesses around the country and even globally. Social media marketing has

become an industry with a target market and a need in the modern marketplace. The target

customer of social media marketing and trends will be discussed.

The target customer for social media trends is businesses seeking to appeal to the

mass public. Though every age group currently makes use of social media, the age group that

mostly uses social media is the 18 – 29 age group. Research shows that in 2021, 84% of

individuals in the age group used at least one social media platform globally. Individuals

closely followed them in the 30 – 49 age group with 81%, 50 – 64 with 71%, and only 45%

of individuals older than 65 used social media. The number of users in the 18-29 and 30 – 49

age brackets is relatively high (Pew Research Center, 2022).

Considering these statistics, any business that wishes to market to these individuals

can use social media marketing trends. Businesses in the modern era are also pursuing a

competitive edge to woe over clientele. With this decrease in print and visual media

viewership, many businesses are seeking alternative ways to reach out to their target market.

Social media marketing trends are an efficient tool for organizations whose target market is

between 18-65, a large group in the market. Social media marketing trends are effective for

all genders, races, and other demographics. This is because social media is used across the

demographics. Social media companies also collect user information and use sophisticated

algorithms to perform targeted marketing. In social media marketing, targeted marketing is

defined as reaching out straight to the targeted consumer of a particular product. For example,

a business that sells skincare products targeting men aged 18 – 24 who are African American




and living in Illinois can use social media marketing to target this particular audience. The

social media company will select this audience and market directly to them. This is what

makes social media marketing so versatile and easy to use.

One of the factors that attract businesses towards social media marketing trends is that

it is cheap compared to other advertising forms. For example, it is cheaper to advertise your

product on Facebook and Instagram than to advertise your product in a newspaper or on

television. When the business wishes to use targeted marketing, which social media

companies charge a small price for, it is cheaper when compared to advertising using

television or print media. Another reason businesses should use social media is that they can

reach higher numbers. The number of social media users has seen a drastic rise over the

years, with old forms of media experiencing a slow decline. Using social media marketing

grants businesses access to a wider pool, which has made marketing easier for businesses (SI,


Social media trends also ensure the continuity of a business. Businesses that refuse to

adopt technology into their operations have eventually become obsolete in the digital age. By

taking part in social media trends, businesses find rejuvenation, and this makes sure that their

continuity is ensured. Social media trends also play a predictive role for businesses.

Companies such as Meta use predictive algorithms on the massive amounts of data to assist

businesses with information concerning the future of their business. When businesses invest

in using social media trends, they are able to take advantage of social media’s predictive

abilities, which helps businesses adapt easier to the constant changes that happen in the

market (SI, 2015).

Social media trends are also very helpful for international businesses. Social media

has a global presence. Social media is used by everyone in the entire world, with social media




platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter having high international

numbers and fanbases. Businesses that wish to branch out internationally can use social

media to ensure that they reach out to their target customers internationally. Social media

trends are strong catalysts for international business. For example, Tik Tok trends are global,

and when an organization uses its trends, they can be seen by every Tik Tok user

internationally, which will increase the publicity of the organization internationally (Zhu &

Chen, 2015).

Social media trends are effective for every business. Due to its diversity in use, it is

recommended that every business use social media platforms to ensure that they reach as

much of their fanbase as possible.





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