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Task Description

Client Desires Manuscripts and texts from poets laureate writing between 1900-1939

You shouldn’t concern yourself with whether something is a manuscript or a rare text. Just find archives with relevant materials, and they will prove to be one of the two.

Don’t worry if the poets aren’t actually modernist. They need not have been appointed poet laureate during the time frame either. They need only have published a single work between 1900 and 1939. Most poets receive the honor of poet laureate years after they have written their best work, so many poets appointed after the time frame will still qualify.

To get started try a Google search along the lines of “<poet’s name> manuscripts” or “<poet’s name> archive.” If you encounter difficulties, ask your librarian for help. That’s their job, and they love such requests.

Task Description

Find archives with material relating to five of your state’s poets laureate. To qualify, a poet must have published one work between 1900 and 1939 and you must be able to find two different archives related to the poet.  If possible, provide photographs of the poets and the libraries holding the archives. Refer to the sample report and attached guide to get started. This is attached as a file.

Task Description

  • List the five poets in the order that they were appointed poet laureate. Include their names, dates of birth, dates of death and the years appointed to poet laureate.
  • List the name of one work the poet published within the time frame and the year of its publication.
  • List the names of both archives archives, the series (and any sub series if applicable) and box and folder where the materials are held.
  • Copy any description given for the materials, themselves.
  • List the names of the repositories (the institutions holding the archives) and their addresses.