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technical education trades

technical education trades

Write a 5 page internal business proposal to the dean of Lehman College. Convince the dean that integrating career and technical education trades such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and HVAC will be beneficial to students that struggle with academics. Speak on how his decision to fund these classes will be advantageous and will provide an alternative route for many CUNY students. Please include:

○ A problem statement at the top (students often go to college and don’t have the aptitude for academic classes so we should start funding CTE classes to provide an alternative route)

○ Bullet points that identify:

■ Your intended audience

■ Summary of your proposal

■ Explanation of how your proposal will address the problem

■ 2-3 ideas for visuals (i.e. graphs, flow charts, )

You are free to come up with your own ideas, as long as the main idea of the business proposal is to start funding CTE classes for CUNY students. I suggest you touch on how students can use their grants on these classes since there are already private CTE colleges that are expensive, or how a CTE careers can result in high paying jobs, or how it will expand the school by attracting more students who might have not been able to ever get this opportunity, or any other benefit you can think of. Please follow the format i listed above and you must use MLA in text citations and have 5 sources from reputable electronic sites such as .org’s or government websites, or newspaper websites. At least one of the sources must have some sort of graph or chart or whatever kind of visuals support the proposal(2-3). Please include a works cited page at the end. No plagiarism as my professor is very keen on that. 5 pages double spaced.