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September 15, 2020
Annual Income Statement Analysis: Vortex Company
September 15, 2020

Technology Forum question

This is a forum question between students that needs a reply to with at least 180 words. I would like for you to use your own words. If not please cite-in-text with reference

Technology adapts continually, which makes it difficult for businesses to keep up. However there are many benefits to utilizing technology in one’s business. Technology helps the operations of a business run more efficiently. It provides security for information, as long as software is updated regularly. Technology also helps to manage large teams within an organization.

Along with these benefits there are also some challenges. Most notably is the cost of implementing and maintaining technology. This often times require companies to hire full time technical support employees. At times technology can also prove to be a distraction to employees which can affect productivity. And when it comes to security, there are always going to be ways around the security to access private information. Thoughts?


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