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The COVID-19 pandemic Report Thesis

Service Learning Project

Report Due December 3rd at 11:55 pm

(50-points or 75-points)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Service Learning Project scope will be adjusted.  If you are willing, able, and can safely (for yourself and others) complete the full-Service Learning Project you may for a max of 75 points.  If you would rather not volunteer, you may complete the Service Learning Project except for the highlighted portions for a maximum of 50 points.  Note, this is not a penalty; your final grade will be adjusted accordingly.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  1. Select an agency that provides Food and Nutritional Care as a part of its services.
  2. OBTAIN APPROVAL for your agency and volunteer work from the instructor.
  • Sign up on Canvas to receive instructor approval by Friday, June 26th @ 11:59 pm) with the following information:
  • What agency you would like to work with.
  • The name and contact information of the individual who is helping you coordinate your experience. (phone#, address, and e-mail)
  • Title and position of the individual who you are working with.
  • Proposed volunteer work that you will be completing. MUST be related to the food and/or nutrition of the people they are serving.

3. Complete your volunteer work- Minimum of 5-hours of actual hands-on work or services provided. The 5-hours DOES NOT include the time you spend coordinating the project.

4.  Interview the person who is responsible for the delivery of the nutrition services or education program. (Interview time is NOT included with the 5-hrs of service).

  • Interviews can be in person, by phone, or via virtual interviews.
  • Obtain a business card or professional identification (e.g. from the company website) from the individual who you are interviewing with AND who is supervising your work
  • What is the role of this person? Are they FT, PT, consultant, or volunteer?
  • Be creative with your interview questions. Examples: What do they like most about their position?  What is the most challenging aspect of their work? Is the community supportive of the organization’s presence and services?