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The Great Fashion Designers

Term Project Part A



The Great Fashion Designers

Professor W


Store Aesthetics and Target Market

My Store will be called Dress like JUJU; the name comes from my childhood nickname of juju and references the popular Instagram influencer @Dresslikejayda. Dress like JuJu aims to provide chic, stylish clothes tailored towards women seeking statement, standout garments for their night outs, or everyday wearable garments that are more reserved but still have a certain edge to them. Our pictured clientele is the woman who appreciates well-structured and tailored garments that have a sense of boastfulness that shows she is not afraid to peacock as well as those understated, simple yet chic pieces that elevate the everyday style. We want to equip our clients with those pieces that make you can’t wait to post them to your Instagram feed and the ones that make others want to know where you shop. Dress like JuJu will be designed to imitate Architectural styles found in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Not only do I hope that this choice in architectural design will bring a piece of the big easy to the clientele, but also the strategy behind this is that the ambiance, decor, and employee service will differentiate customer experience from competitors, in turn, spreading buzz and good word about the store.

Why each inspirational designer was great and how their aesthetic translated to the

Current store

The fashion industry continues to evolve and develop. Credit goes to some of the unique and innovative designers. The three we have chosen to honor during this year’s festival are Rei Kawakubo, Valentino, and Jean-Paul Gautier.

Rei Kawakubo

Kawakubo is a Japanese designer (Image 1). However, her works are not limited to Japan because she is based both in Paris and Tokyo. She is the founder of two organizations, namely the multi high-end brand retailer Dover Street Market and the prestigious fashion label Comme des Garcon. She is one of the unusual designers, which is seen when she is coming up with a new design. She never sketches, and that makes her a unique and special designer not only in Tokyo’s and Paris’s fashion industry but across the world. The life of Kawakubo has been a great motivation for her designs. She grew up with her mother, who left her father (de la Haye & Horsley, 2020). Her mother left her father because the father could not allow her to work outside the house. In this case, it is essential to remember that fashion is the garment that one wears and the feeling that comes along with it.

One of the things that make Kawakubo one of the greatest designers is that she never went to school to study fashion; she was a self-made designer. She went to Keio University to study Art and Literature. The first characteristic of Kawakubo that is related to the new store is newness. Kawakubo was new to designing, which made her unique because she did not have prior knowledge and skills (de la Haye & Horsley, 2020). The same case applies to the store. The reason for stating so is that the store is commencing a new business. The second characteristic of similarity between Kawakubo and the new store is the motivation of the designs. The new store will be selling designs that provoke the feeling of boastfulness. Also, the designs are supposed to help women stand out due to their uniqueness. Looking at some of the works of Kawakubo, it is evident that she is a great motivation to the new store (Image 2). Image 2 shows one of Kawakubo’s designs worn by a famous American artist by the name of Rihanna. The dress stands out and brings out a sense of boastfulness.

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Valentino Garavani is an Italian designer, owner, and founder of Valentino (Image 3). His passion for fashion is not something that any person can doubt, which is seen in his age. Even in his old age, he has been designing some of the best designs in the fashion industry, showing that he is a threat to the competitors. He invests most of the time in designing dresses that bring out the aspect of femininity in a woman. Red is his favorite color, and this is because of the aroma of love that it leaves behind. His female designs have three significant characteristics that make them stand out. The three characteristics are frills, silk, and sparkle. The main aim of why Valentino observes the characteristic is to bring out the sense of freedom and elegance among women who wear his design.