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The job agreement

Read through the below post and provide any on of the following:

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There are many places and times for job contracts. Employment contract describes the terms and conditions of the relationship which between the employer and the employee. The job agreement should include benefits, job duration, benefits, job description, the terms of termination, ownership to the work products, protection to the secrets of the company and the limits for the worker to complete with the company once the employee leaves. Workers under a contract aren’t at-will workers because the agreements will describe the grounds on which the contract may be terminated.

Some employees are required to sign written contracts which state that their job is at will, this means that the employer can terminate the agreement at any time for any reason. However, the workers are free to terminate the contract (Vettori, 2016). The employers who hire employees at will require their employees to sign the worker handbook acknowledgment or any other legal document which states that the worker knows that the employment is at will.

Advantages of Employee Contracts

There numerous advantages of employee contracts. Firstly; an employer is able to hang on the talented and best employees (De Cuyper & Isaksson, 2017). The employer will be required to add the terms which would limit the factors which can make the employee leave the job. Secondly, contracts work best for the workers that are working and learning with the secrets of the company.  The organization can implement clauses into their contracts which will prevent them from revealing the client lists and trade secrets (De Cuyper & Isaksson, 2017). Thirdly, the contracts can be used to retain the best employees. The employers will provide many contracts with different and the employees can find the contracts which suits them. Lastly, contracts enable people to have control over their workers. By outlining the minimum expectations to the employees, it becomes easier to lay down the employees.

Disadvantages Employee Contracts

Job contract is a two-way Street, the employers have to fulfill their obligations as well. If the employee doesn’t perform as expected, the employer will have to modify the job contract. Secondly, the parties involved in the contract must obey the terms stated in the contract no matter the situation (Vettori, 2016). Thirdly, modifying the contract will have to involve renegotiation.

Employment contracts offer numerous benefits to both the employees and employers. One should seek advice from lawyers before signing a contract. Signing a job contract without understanding it inner details may lead to serious issues.


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