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The Romantic Drama in Wuthering Heights

The Romantic Drama in Wuthering Heights

Book Summary- The Romantic Drama in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Book Summary- The Romantic Drama in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a unique novel composed by Emily Bronte in 1847. Many consider it a gold standard of modern literature. Remarkably, this is the only book by this British author. However, its proficient plot and ingenious usage of many narrative lines won Mrs Bronte an eternal area in the ranks of best literature authors of all times.

It is not simply a famous novel– it is a novel that transformed a traditional notion of romance. Years and years after its appearance, this tale of stormy, restricted, enthusiastic and tragic love remains relevant and appealing to read. This publication never ever gets old, much like true love can never ever get old.

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Analysis of Characters

The first person the audience meets in the book is Mr Lockwood. It’s 1801 and a young Londoner relocates into the countryside, the Thrushcross Grange mansion, looking for some alone time. Eventually, he makes a decision to go to the neighbour and proprietor of the mansion, Heathcliff– a cold and somewhat dry man who stays in the Wuthering Heights mansion. Lockwood tells the tale in his individual diary, but the primary resource of his expertise is Nelly Dean– the housemaid for the odd family members he once met

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Nelly Dean almost brought up three youngsters of the Earnshaw family– a lass Catherine and two lads Hindley and Heathcliff. The whole story is a personal impression of Nelly Dean and her view on the situation. In spite of the subjectivity, it still has a great deal of reliability because Nelly is well-enlightened and fairly a smart woman. She is credible and attentive, which makes many characters confide their true sensations and deepest anxieties right into her. Mrs Dean additionally serves as a mother to young Cathy.

Catherine was the little daughter of Mr and Mrs Earnshaw. She is somewhat spoiled and egocentric, curious as well as joyful. She can be pushy and strong, maybe even rude. Nevertheless, she grows into a delicate and tender lady, as the author states in Chapter VII:


“Instead of a wild, hatless little savage jumping into the house, and rushing to squeeze us all breathless, there ‘lighted from a handsome black pony a very dignified person, with brown ringlets falling from the cover of a feathered beaver, and a long cloth habit, which she was obliged to hold up with both hands that she might sail in”.

Cathy liked her foster sibling Heathcliff yet wedded Edgar Linton.


Book Summary-The Romantic Drama in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw

Book Summary-The Romantic Drama in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw

It’s important not to confuse both women characters called Catherine in the book: Catherine Earnshaw is the key character, while her child, Catherine Linton, is a secondary character. Catherine Earnshaw passes away while giving birth to her daughter.


Chapter IV“… Wuthering Heights has “Earnshaw” carved over the front door. Are they an old family?… Very old… and Hareton is the last of them, as our Miss Cathy is of us—I mean, of the Lintons”


Hindley is the son of the Earnshaw family and the brother of Catherine. He is a jealous, revengeful and aggressive young man. He is jealous of his foster brother, Heathcliff, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to abuse or degrade him. The dispute magnifies as young boys grow older, and Mr Earnshaw’s remedy to the issue was to send his son Hindley away to college. There Hindley fulfils his life partner Frances— a tender and also delicate female, who perishes soon after giving birth to her son Hareton. After the demise of his cherished better half, Hindley begins alcohol consumption and also forfeits his family estate to Heathcliff:


Chapter XVII“… he has spent the night in drinking himself to death deliberately! We broke in this morning, for we heard him sporting like a horse; and there he was, laid over the settle: flaying and scalping would not have wakened him.”

Heathcliff is a foster son of the Earnshaw family. He is stubborn, revengeful and rather terrible. He was a friend to Catherine (the two also enjoyed each other’s company) and the biggest opponent to Hindley. After Mr Earshow passes away, Hindley returned to the manor, took the position of the head of the family and made Heathcliff a servant, not enabling him to secure an education. He later married Isabella Linton and raised a child Linton. All his life revolved around getting revenge on people that didn’t respect him.

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Key Factors: The Unfolding Romantic Drama  of the Earnshaw Family in Wuthering Heights

– Catherine Earnshaw establishes a close intimate relationship with her foster sibling Heathcliff, while her sibling Hindley is jealous of this newly adopted relative and is very rude towards him.

– Catherine makes a decision to marry Edgar Linton– a young boy from a noble next-door neighbour family. They do not manage to become a poster couple and Cathy passes away when giving birth to her child Catherine Linton.

– Heathcliff blames everyone for not treating him as equal and attempts to give all family members who stay in Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange a hard time: he marries Edgar’s sister Isabella simply to prove that he can treat her awfully, he also requires Catherine’s child to wed his son Linton to have the rights to the family mansion and her money that her father bequeathed to Edgar.

– In the end, Heathcliff passes away and also rejoins his precious foster sister while Catherine’s daughter creates a close relationship with Hidley’s boy Hareton.


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Wuthering Heights Summary

The actual story happens thirty years prior to Mr Lockwood coming to the Northern England countryside. During his second (and equally as unwelcomed as the very first one) visit to Wuthering Heights, Lockwood is stuck in the household due to a storm and has to spend the night in the guest room. There he discovers the diary of somebody called Catherine Earnshaw.  Here,  she tells the tale of 2 youngsters– Catherine and also Heathcliff. During the evening he runs into the women’s ghost.

Upon his going back to the Thrushcross Grange, he enquires more from his maid Nelly Dean. The house helps illuminate him with a story of Wuthering Heights residents. This is due to the fact that she spent the majority of her life caring for that mansion and the family members that owned it. Nelly tells him how someday Mr Earnshaw returns residence with an orphan Heathcliff that entered into the family. The orphan came to be very close with his foster sister Catherine. At the same time, he cultivated an enmity when faced with his envious foster bro Hindley.

Hindley’s Father Paases on

After the passing on of his father, Hindley returns to Wuthering Heights along with a new wife. He then assumes the role of the proprietor of the estate. He quickly downgrades Heathcliff to a normal employee, never missing out on a chance to show that his foster brother is nothing in his home. However, Heathcliff does not appear to mind such treatment as he very much appreciates Catherine’s presence. Both spend their whole time together thereby nurturing a special kind of bond.

Gradually, Catherine starts to spend increasingly more time at their neighbours’ location, where Edgar and Isabella Linton live. Linton family welcomes Catherine although it does not show enthusiasm to see Heathcliff. At Linton’s house, Catherine learnt good manners and ended up being a woman of high childhood and status. Unlike Heathcliff, Edgar Linton was a worthy young man with an excellent education and learning, respectable childhood and also sophisticated good manners. Catherine’s love towards Edgar made Heathcliff a lot more rude and aggressive, he showed his envy once in such a method:


Chapter VII“In other words, I must wish for Edgar Linton’s great blue eyes and even forehead… I do – and that won’t help me to them”


He leaves the mansion and also disappears for three years. Catherine really feels betrayed by Heathcliff yet overcomes it and marries Edgar.

Frances GFives Birth to Hareton

Hidley’s wife Frances gives birth to a son called Hareton who however passes away not long after. The stress and anxiety of losing his precious wife press Hindley down the lane of suffering and pity. At the same time, Cathy’s marital relationship is strained. With the passage of time, both realize that they come from different worlds and have an entirely different set of values. Heathcliff returns after 3 years, which only serves to stoke the tension between the two. However, Catherine is more than glad to see her childhood sweetheart.

Throughout the three years of his absence, Heathcliff succeeds and ends up being an attractive gentleman, Isabella Linton wants to marry him. Catherine knows the heavy temperament of her foster brother. Here, she tries to dissuade Isabella that Heathcliff is not a great choice for her. Heathcliff does not refute that he just intends to marry Isabella as retribution for the poor treatment he received from Linton’s family. Edgar attempts to eliminate Heathcliff. Their fight triggers a nervous breakdown in  Catherine. The maid Nelly hides Catherine’s mental health issues from Edgar hoping that it would go away on their own. By the time Edgar discovers that his better half is losing her mind, she is already too ill and also pregnant with his child. Cathy passes away 2 hours after bringing to life a baby girl Catherine Linton.

Isabella Marries Heathcliff

Isabella does not pay heed to her sibling or Catherine and ties the knot with Heathcliff. Their marriage develops into a violent and unpleasant union. She at some point leaves for the outskirts of London. She gives birth to a son whom she calls Linton Heathcliff. Isabella dies 13 years later and Edgar brings her kid to live with him and his daughter Catherine.

When Catherine turns 16, Heathcliff insists that she marries his boy Linton since he wanted to stake his claim on the rights for Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange mansions (where Edgar relocated with Catherine after they got married). This is his method to get revenge on the Linton family members that he hates so much! Heathcliff secures Catherine in his residence. He would not allow her to see her dying father unless she agrees to wed Linton. Considering that Linton was sick, he dies a month after the wedding event and according to his will, all his mansion most likely to his daddy, Heathcliff. Catherine Linton locates herself totally depending on Heathcliff, who is mad at the entire globe.

Throughout his whole life Heathcliff mourned the love for the dead Catherine Earnshaw. Little wonder then that her ghost begins hovering around the mansion in the evening. He joins his beloved woman when he dies. Ultimately, Catherine Linton ends up being friends with Hareton (son of Hindley whom Heathcliff despised). Furthermore, the two want to get married. Towards completion of his life Heathcliff comes to be tired of revenge and also does not attempt to halt the couple from forging a close union:



Chapter XXXIII“My old enemies have not beaten me; now would be the precise time to revenge myself on their representatives: I could do it; and none could hinder me. But where is the use? I don’t care for striking: I can’t take the trouble to raise my hand! That sounds as if I had been labouring the whole time only to exhibit a fine trait of magnanimity. It is far from being the case: I have lost the faculty of enjoying their destruction, and I am too idle to destroy for nothing.”


Wuthering Heights is a worthy publication to check out. Its plot is gripping, and the mastery of the author makes the text an extremely entertaining read. The attention to detail of village life, mastery analyses of nature signs in the romantic context of the book vivid symbols and characters and small references to the gothic style make Wuthering Heights an iconic work of art.

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