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The Scholarship of Motivation Theory


Human Resources: The Scholarship of Motivation Theory (4-6 Paragraphs)

Scholarship of Motivation Theory

Using databases in the Walden library (e.g., Business Source Complete or ABI/Inform complete), locate one article (attached) that discusses or applies one of the theories of motivation you have studied this week in an HR context. After reviewing this article, write a paper (4-6 paragraphs) in which you:

  • Summarize the main argument of the article and the evidence or examples used to support the argument.
  • Critique the article and describe whether its argument is convincing; be sure to explain your conclusion.
  • Analyze whether the article is useful to scholar-practitioners who are currently working in the HR field and describe any potential practical applications in the workplace.
  • APA Format

Hi thanks for working on this. Please use one of the attached articles for the paper, thanks!