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To become the leading sinaloense restaurant in the United States,

 reply to students response in a minimum of 150 words and provide 1 reference minimum 


Culchi Town is an authentic Mexican restaurant that is distinguished by its variety of seafood plates. One thing that makes them different from the others is their sushi. They are the only Mexican restaurant that makes sushi that tastes amazing. I love this place and its located in Vista, Ca. 

Their mission statement is as follows  


Offer our diners Japanese rolls and dishes “culichi” style, in addition to preparing typical dishes of Sinaloa gastronomy where seafood and fish are the main ingredient, made with quality products and fresh to satisfy the most demanding palate.


To become the leading sinaloense restaurant in the United States, which represents the taste and atmosphere of the “culichis”, this with trained, motivated and committed personnel to put on high and with pride the name of our company.

based on the reading the vision statement captures an organizations aspiration and spells out what it ultimately wants to accomplish. Vision statements should be forward looking and inspiring. On the other hand, the mission statement is the description of the products and services it plans to provide and the markets it will compete and how do we accomplish our goals.  

The vision and mission statement of Culichi Town meets these two definitions; however, I would change the wording on the vision statement and change it “to become the leading sinaloense restaurant in the United States of the “culichis” by putting an emphasis on the employee development to provide quality service to our customers.