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Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI)

Powerpoint presentation

J’s Curry delight is a popular food chain that operates throughout the Caribbean, originating from Trinidad and Tobago. After successfully running 15 locations in his home country, owner and CEO Nichols Dialsingh set his sight on other countries within the region, where curry was already part of the culture. He entered countries such as Guyana and Jamaica initially, where he adapted his menu to suite each country, while still featuring the J’s Curry favorites established in the home market. Guyana for example, has its own unique ‘seven curries’ special, while Jamaica has a curry goat special with a flavor unique to the island. In all the locations, ‘Doubles’, is offered. This is ideally described as street food in Trinidad and Tobago.

While visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Mr Dialsingh found that there was an interesting mix of Caribbean people that may present an opportunity. As such, he decided to open his first J’s Curry delight on the island of Providenciales, the most populated of the TCI. Mr Dialsingh has instructed his Director of International Divisions, Eastlyn Jones, to have operations ready within the next 6 months, for a grand opening in July 2022. Ms Jones has already directed the Operations, Marketing and other functional teams, regarding the development of the site. You and your HR team are now responsible for organizing staff. Mr Dialsignh is of a Regiocentric mindset and has always maintained this throughout all his branches.

Using the provided information, prepare an HR plan for the new location to be presented to Ms Jones.


Additional information to note:

i. Other locations of a similar size, tend to be run with 1 branch manager, 3 shift supervisors, 4 cashiers, 2 cooks, 5 additional kitchen staff, 8 servers and 4 general staff who do deal with duties such as cleaning, minor repairs, inventory etc.

ii. For the first 3 months of operating, the company usually transfers one branch manager and one supervisor from other branches in other countries, with over 5 years of management and supervisory experience in other locations, to train and assist the new branch manager and shift supervisors.


1. Explain the concept of HR Planning.

2. Illustrate the process of HR planning by discussing your demand, supply, and resultant plans for labour.

3. Assuming recruitment and selection needs to take place, discuss how this will be done, supporting it with evidence from the case and theory learned.

4. Develop Job Descriptions for at least three (3) of the positions that would need to be filled from the recruitment and selection process.

5. How will you treat with the potential expatriates in this case?

6. Discuss the concept of expatriate failure and three (3) possibilities that lead to this relevant to the case.