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Unilever Case Prompts

Students will read the Unilever case to write a short paper; these papers should be no more than 1,000 words and should incorporate learnings from other course materials and experiences. Cases are chosen to reinforce relevant reading assigned thus far. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the case write-up questions first, the assigned text and articles next, and then write up the case.


Unilever Case Prompts


What actions should the company take now? Which of the three options identified at the end of the case would you recommend management take and why? How would you go about implementing your recommendation?


Other readings you have to read first:

Johnson et al (2016) – Red Bull Case Study (HBS – 12p)

Ghemawat & Rivkin (2014) – Competitive Advantage (HBS – 29p)

Alcacer (2015) – Competing globally – (HBS – 38p)

Sarasvathy (2008) – What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial (HBS – 9p)