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Virtual Machine/Operating System

My requirement file : os_prob_set.pdf

Sample solution file :

Everything needed is written clearly in the project description part of the given paper ( Attached is the same copy).

You will need to build the required  SIMMAC machine with the same given set of instructions and build the OS on top of it. 

You will provide several documents in one Zip file. One document for the design, one for the source code and implementation along with your executable program. The program shall be written in JAVA and run from the command line. If you are looking for a sample, I need something very similar to the Zip file attached in here. This work was graded for 90/100 and I need something similar but better. 


By the way, there is also a documentation part in which you will write a report of your project. see the zip file and submit the overall needed documents exactly like that. 

Thats the best way I can give you an idea about what is required because I can not describe further.