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Waste Management

Waste Management

Research Paper Assignment – Waste Management

Purpose: This assignment supports the following objective for the course: define waste management and the strategies for achieving it. Key Dates: The topic for your research paper is one that you can begin work on immediately. While the final paper is not due until the end of the term, it is recommended from a time management standpoint that you start early. Key due dates are:

 Detailed outline, including key conclusions, due by the end of Week 6.  Final report, containing all the elements below, due by the end of Week 8.

[Note an appendix is optional; it is not required for the paper to be complete.]

Research Topic: Should container deposit laws (bottle bills) be expanded to include noncarbonated drinks? Format: The paper must be submitted as a Word document using the APA format and headings. It should be 1500 to 2500 words in length, written in 12 point font and double spaced. For full credit it must contain each of the following elements:

 Title Page.  Body of Paper – Based on your research:

o Briefly describe the history of container deposit laws. o Describe how container deposit laws work. o Explain why proponents believe bottle laws should be updated to include bottled

water, sports drinks, teas, and other noncarbonated beverages. o Explain the position of those that oppose changing the law.

 Conclusions (minimum 2 paragraphs): Based on the above state and defend your

position on whether states should expand their container deposit laws to include noncarbonated beverages.

 Bibliography: Include at least three sources not in the weekly reading assignments that you used in this paper. (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.)

 Appendices (optional): Include appropriate charts, graphs, or other documents for extra credit. (Note: Appendices do not count as part of the overall length requirement).