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What do you think are either the benefits or limitations of formalism?

You are to answer the questions below.   You should cite and/or quote from specific readings when writing your answer.  You must also refer to individual works and artists in your answer.  Please make sure to adhere to the word count for each question.  

1.  The issue of artistic subjectivity has been a defining feature of American Art since the conclusion of World War II from Jackson Pollock to Helen Frankenthaler, from Andy Warhol to Yayoi Kusama, from Donald Judd to Rosalyn Drexler, from Bas Jan Ader to Adrian Piper.  Please give an overview of the ways artistic subjectivity has manifested itself from the late 1940s until the earlier 1970s.  You should think about particular themes, whether it be process to presentations of the self.  Try to consider the implications of the question fully.  (750 words).

2.  Please give a short history of medium specificity, and analyze the consequences.  (750 words)

3.  Class tensions and the distinctions between high and low art have come up in various instances in the readings as well as in the work discussed in class and at the NGA.  Please describe the various ways this problem has manifested itself in the period between 1945-1975.  (750 words).

4.  What do you think are either the benefits or limitations of formalism?