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What is the significance of the opening scene in which Andre (“Dre”) is kidnapped in a suburban area?

Response Paper: Get Out

Please respond to at least one of the discussion questions below. Some questions may be combined, as long as you make direct connections between them. Responses should be about 250 typed words or more. Formal structure is not required. Be sure to proofread the writing.

The response paper is worth three points of extra credit towards your final grade.

  1. What is the significance of the opening scene in which Andre (“Dre”) is kidnapped in a suburban area? How does it set the tone for the film? Consider the appearance and methods of his kidnapper.
  2. What do you learn about Chris in the scene where he is introduced? Consider his apartment, choice of profession, his behavior with his girlfriend, etc.
  3.  Analyze Rose’s treatment of her boyfriend Chris. What clues exist that she is or is not part of a plot against him?
  4. In “Why Get Out is the Best Movie Ever Made About American Slavery,” Steven Thrasher writes that “a recurring image in Afrofuturism is the Black body abducted by aliens as an allegory for enslavement in different eras and places.” Though Get Out is set in the modern day, several events in the film symbolize American slavery or other past abuses against African Americans. Select and analyze one example of this.
  5. What is the significance of the party where Chris meets all the Armitage’s affluent and predominantly white friends?
  6. Considering Caroline Cao’s article titled “On the Token Asian in Get Out: A Look at Model Minorities and Conditional Tolerance,” consider the significance of the brief appearance of a character named Hiroki Tanaka. How does he stand out from the other members of the party at Rose’s parents’ house, and how does he participate in the racist microaggressions against Chris?
  7. Analyze the significance of Chris’s memory of his mother. How does her death still impact his life, including his relationships with other people?
  8. What is the purpose of Chris’s friend Rod?