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Why Transformation Efforts Fail

QUESTION 1: Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail — Discuss actions needed for 3 of the steps for a company you know about

QUESTION 2: Discuss pitfalls for the 3 actions you selected and explain whether you think each of them will be helpful in making the action happen. (pp 4 – 5 in HBR reader)

QUESTION 3: Persuasion Campaign — Discuss the 4 phases of a persuasion campaign for the case of the sale from Unit 2. The case is provided below. John is a manager of a company that is about to get a new database system for keeping sales data for industrial metals for manufacturing.

The current database is well known and user-friendly. The database is used to track sales (number and dollars), sales calls, and attempts; results are used to provide bonuses and incentives. This is a competitive system with salespeople taking a portion of a bonus based on their effectiveness/efficiency compared to a benchmark and to other salespeople. There are 15 employees that will have to learn the new system.

Four of these employees are record-setting salespeople; two of these will be retiring in the next 2 – 3 years. Five of the employees are new to the company and they have used the new system at previous jobs. The remaining six employees have been at the company for about 10 years; all are adequate salespeople, but they may have limited job opportunities for work in sales in this industry at other companies.

The company is under some financial pressures due to being one of few providers of materials in the industry; the company is number 2 of the top 3 competitors. Salespeople travel in different territories in North America and they work remotely, seeing other sales reps only one or two times a year at industry sales conferences. They do meet through skype once each month to discuss issues.