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wk 4 forum 2 Nicole

The confession can be regarded as valid since, as the officer narrates once he got to the crime scene, he first searched the body, then begun searching the victim. While doing so, the suspect voluntarily relayed information that the weapon was used for the murder. From that point, the suspect was then placed under arrest (Find Law, 2019). Once in the station, when the suspect stated that they wanted to confess, the officer says that he read the Miranda warnings to the suspect. They were therefore presented with their waiver form for an attorney and allowed to make their confession and signed it at the end. The only issue I foresee with the confession is if Mr. Mayo was intoxicated at the time. In is confession he states that he had several alcoholic drinks prior to starting his shift as a bartender. If he is intoxicated then the officer should have never interrogated him until he was sober nor should they let him write out a signed confession until he was sober. Now if he is sober and can clearly understand his rights then the signed confession is valid. In the police report it states that Mr. Mayo wanted to make a full confession and prior to doing so the officer read him his Miranda rights, which makes the confession legal and valid.By having a further look at the suspect’s confession, it is understood that the suspect considered the case as self-defense. Before the suspect was even placed under arrest, they had already begun divulging details about the incident. However, that bit about the confession may be disregarded as hearsay. Regardless, after being placed in custody, the suspect had their rights read to them. After the officer stated the Miranda warnings, he then presented the suspect with the waiver, which was signed from where the officer recorded the confession, after which the suspect signed the confession. Concerning the signed confession, the officer had followed the required protocol and was right according to the lawrespond to this discussion question in 100 words