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wk 6 forum 2 Jearld

If I were a defense attorney representing the client, Mayo, I would negotiate for a plea bargain instead of going to a trial. Plea bargains help to negotiate for better terms unlike going to trial in front of a judge or a jury. For instance, the accused person could have his or her lawyer negotiate for community service instead of jail time if it was a first-time offense. Dervan (2019) states that more severe crimes, such as manslaughter, would attract a minimum sentence. Going to trial for murder increases the possibility of being served with the maximum sentence. The chances of getting a favorable punishment are often slim. Trials also take a long time and expose accused individuals to criticisms, scrutiny, and shame. The option of third parties knowing about the offense is high. Despite this, trials show that people may be innocent. Plea bargains save time and money while preventing too many people from knowing about the offense. However, they make people appear guilty of their mistakes.If I were a prosecutor, I would negotiate for a plea bargain instead of going to trial. Plea bargains reduce time wasted on going to court. It is also a win for the prosecutor since he or she will be able to prove that the accused is innocent. Plea bargains also reduce the burden of the court where time and money are spent on hearing both sides of the arguments. The court and prosecutors will also have time to handle other, more severe cases that require their attention (Offit, 2018). However, plea bargains are suitable for first-time offenders and not repeat criminals or those who have committed serious crimes. Plea bargains also help prosecutors get more criminals when making deals with the accused individuals.respond to this discussion question in 100 words